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Looking to buy a custom product from a school in a particular country? See our list of available items today!

Are you looking to buy fake diplomas, fake degrees or buy fake transcripts from schools in particular areas of the world? Use our "Shop by County" feature to quickly find the local items that you need fast! We currently stock documents from a wide range of areas around the globe and if you don't see what you want, we can often help you with that too by choosing our "other countries" product options.

Why do you list your product types by countries?

A lot of times suppliers, like us, will have one product for all customers to order from. You must choose that item regardless of the location of the school you might want your certificate, transcript or diploma from. What this means is, whether you are looking for a fake college degree from either Canada or Australia, you would choose the same college degree product. Even thought many diplomas are similar in multiple ways, there are unique features that specific countries will use including the size of the diploma, the type of paper it is printed on, inks that are used, etc. By choosing the correct diploma type for your country, you can be sure that important details are taken into consideration during the production of your order.

This is why we recommend that people stop for products that we have selected for your country. If you do not see your country listed, we do provide alternate products such as "Other Countries". Make sure to speak with a sales agent before buying to ensure we can make documents from your country, have original templates from the school you are requesting in stock, etc.