Disputing Payments/Credit Card Fraud

Diploma Company has worked very hard to gain the ability to accept credit cards as a form of payment for our products and services. A few of the reasons why we have been granted the privilege is because we allow customers to see a proof of their order before it leaves, give out tracking numbers with each package that ships and offer many ways to contact us including telephone support and live chat during most weekdays! All of these allow credit card companies to know we would never scam a customer of theirs.

I have concerns about a credit card charge from you.

Did you get a charge? Maybe you have questions about it? Maybe you don't recognize it and have concerns? No problem. When you get your bank statement and see a charge from us, there will be a local USA phone number to call our billing department at. There is also a special website on your statement too. The phone number and site will not be the same as DiplomaCompany.in, since we protect your privacy. Please call the phone number on your statement or email us through the special billing website to resolve any matters. We will issue refunds if resolutions can not be made. Our goal is to make every customer happy.

Failure to contact our billing department first and any decisions to dispute or deny any charges with your bank before letting us resolve the matter first, will force us to enter your name, address and payment details into a national fraud prevention database. This database will warn other sellers, merchants or websites (like us) that you are known to scam businesses out of their money by stealing merchandise. This is not something we like to do but must do, to show the credit card companies we are actively fighting against fraudulent customers such as yourself.

If you have concerns about this process before or after ordering, please contact our customer support team by calling 00+1+312-236-2892, emailing help@diplomacompany.com or chatting live during normal support hours.