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Whether you are looking to replace a damaged document or show off a novelty to somebody close to you, Diploma Company produces realistic fake transcripts everyday for clients in situations such as yours. Whether you need academic records coming from a high school, college or university, our staff stocks resources necessary to help you out.

Shopping for Best Fake Transcripts

In general, most transcripts are very similar in the sense that they contain class information and scores. You'll discover a number of options with us, including fake high school transcripts, fake college mark sheets and GED score sheets. All documents feature added transcript keys, requested dates for passing, specific class information pertaining to your transcript type and adjustable final scores. Our documents even come delivered printed on transcript security paper, with tamper proof holograms added that self destruct when removed and are embossed by our production staff. It's added touches like these that have helped given us rave reviews from clients.

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Transcripts Don't Often Come By Themselves

In many cases, schools hand out transcripts during one's time at school as a breakdown of their current academic records. Other times they arrive after graduating to verify one's degree. This is why we highly suggest that you consider getting a diploma, a certificate for that same degree, along with your fake transcript. Our combo packages here are a great way to purchase both documents together, at a discounted rate! If you choose to purchase either document on it's own, that is entirely your choice, but we like to present this package option to buyers because it is a complete set and also saves you money. We often speak to customers who will buy a fake transcript from us and then later realize the need for a diploma. They often wish they had simply gotten both documents together to cut down on expenses.

Finding Your Ideal Fake Transcript Maker

When it comes to purchasing a fake transcript from a high school or college, you will find several options but is important to realize the amount of detail and precision that goes into creating these types of documents. It is important that you work with a supplier who will be with you throughout the process, whether that includes live chat or phone communication. In the end, the more specific you are about your needs and the more in-tune the printing company is with you, the better the final results will be.