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About Our GED Diplomas and Transcripts

Get a high quality Fake High School Diploma and Transcript! USA & Canada options! Realistic Quality!

Since a lot of times high school diplomas are handed out with academic transcript records, many customers want both. This is why we are pleased to offer our high school combo package. Get fake high school diplomas and transcripts through our website. This package includes a fake diploma from a high school plus a set of fake hs transcripts to compliment it. This a very popular choice for many of our high school shoppers as it is a great way to get both items at a discounted rate.

A lot of times people look to buy packages like these to replace lost or damaged documents. Since many times a school provides limited reprints, we are the only option for some alumni. Others see these items as novelties, to fool others or inspire themselves. We have had many people struggling to get through school, use products from us to push them towards graduation. We know that no matter why you need it, it must be realistic. That is why we set strict quality standards on all of the diplomas and transcripts we print. This is especially true with high school orders.

Once you submit an order, our staff will pull the appropriate templates that we have assigned to what you are requesting. This means that if you need hs documents from South Carolina, the right South Carolina option is used. For those in Vancouver, the right one is used in that circumstance also. Once everything is designed and ready to be printed from our warehouse, it is quality control checked off by upper management, securely packaged and shipped out to you asap.

How to Buy Fake High School Diploma and Transcripts?

To get started, please see the list of products above. Choose between fake high school and transcript products for both Canada and USA areas. In the ordering form, we will collect specific details such as the school's name, your name, dates for graduation and so on. These details are used by our staff to ensure the order is custom made for you. If you are unsure of any details, leave the options blank and we can discuss this part of the order with you later.

Please remember that we offer you the ability to check over our work before it leaves. To do this, request a free sample when ordering. The process does require us to get your approve on our work, so it may delay shipping.

Thank you again for considering Diploma Company for your phony high school products. If we can be of further assistance, please reach out to us.