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Custom Printed Fake Diplomas! Amazing Replicas of Real Degrees from High Schools, Colleges, and Universities! has spent years collecting copies of real diplomas from actual testing centers, high schools, colleges, universities and more. These documents are used during the production process allowing us to create the most realistic diplomas anywhere for our clients. Unlike competitors which use low cost generic templates along with limited paper colors and generic seal options, we are the only site that sells nothing but true replicas, ensuring that every order which leaves our warehouse is an authentic-looking high quality fake of your preferred diploma.

What makes the standards you set so much more superior than your competition? It's simple. All of our diplomas are created from original yet precise templates that we have on file, templates that were created by replicating actual diploma from popular high schools, colleges, etc. In many cases, we have templates stocked away for different graduating years and different graduate degree types. All of this time and energy which takes place in researching our products, shows in our work. From making sure that the schools' name is properly displayed as it would on a real diploma or that the seal is in the exact spot that it should be, are standards that no other shop like ours lives up to. 

To learn more about high definition inks that we use or premium paper that we special order from the same suppliers that some schools use, please click on the product links above. You can also continue to read more information on phony diplomas and degrees on this page.

Why do you put so much effort and energy into the fake degrees that you make? We understand that regardless of why somebody uses our products, it is important to them that they are pleased with the documents we produce and find value in what we offer. Still, a lot of people simply wonder why sites like ours even exist? A lot of times people who are confused about our industry as a whole will ask why we do what we do? The fact is, our products help a lot of customers every years in ways that many can not imagined. As we see smiles on the faces of those who find benefits to our service, we are pleased to know what we exist. Our favorite reasons include:

  • They want to impress their friends or family
  • They are buying them as a gift for friends or coworkers
  • They want to replace a lost or damaged diploma
  • They want to show it off at a reunion
  • They want to boost their person self esteem
  • They want to showcase it on their Facebook or Twitter page
  • They want to use it to encourage themselves towards a real diploma

I'm ready to buy fake diplomas right this second, so what do I need to do?

Since we research everything we need to know about the fake diploma that you want and what makes it unique, most of the details we collect during the buying process are rather simple. First and foremost, we would want to know the student's name or the name you want printed on your purchased document. Keep in mind that the name can be a family member, yourself or entirely made-up. Since all of the documents we produce are sold with the intention to be used as novelty products, the choice is yours. Next would be the name of the school. Depending on the diploma you want, our staff will see what school you want the document from and will choose the appropriate template that we have assigned to your school. In some cases we carry multiple designs for different graduation classes, to ensure a higher quality product. In the case of fake college diplomas, next we would need to know what your degree and major is and such details are used when producing coursework for transcripts (if they are desired). Last would be the graduation date which can check on before printing to be 100% sure the dates match what is on file to ensure the document looks accurate..

You will find that some other sites will ask for additional pieces of information such as whether or not you want to mention honors, what paper color and size you want the item printed with, etc. At Diploma Company we understand how these products are suppose to look, who should have honors (who should not), what paper color and thickness is best for what diploma, etc. We are not a site which creates custom documents, we create high quality fakes that are designed to look real and final decisions are best on what is best for you.

Not sure what to buy, can you tell me what fake diplomas are popular?

Depending on the time of year, certain diplomas will sell betters than others. These are the current top selling items on our site.

What if I need transcripts with my fake degree?

In many cases, real diplomas are often handed out with academic transcripts which showcase grades and scores, over the course of one's education. A lot of times customers ask us about getting our diplomas sent with with a set of novelty academic transcripts that complete your order.. We recommend seeing our fake diplomas and transcripts packages which contain both items at a discounted rate. Often you can save upwards of 10% by purchasing a package instead of buying one item now and another later.