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Buying a Fake Diploma

Custom documents such as these are often handed out by schools to award a student with a degree. Diplomas usually come from a local high school or college after completing your studies. In time, many loose or misplace these documents. For some, getting replacements can be a hassle and fake diplomas can be a convenient alternative. Others see the value in these documents as novelties due to how much they look and feel like actual diplomas. Regardless of why you may need such a document, DiplomaCompany.com offers helpful information on replacing diplomas and finding you discounts on novelty ones.

Types of Diplomas

Depending on the type of education level you are seeking a diploma from, Diploma Company stocks several options. Our list of diplomas including ged diplomas, handed out at testing centers, high school diplomas and college or university diplomas from the world over. Most diplomas are printed on high quality paper, features seals including (but not limited to) shiny "puffy" gold emblems and unique details such as the school's name and student information. Details such as degree and majors, are also included, but only on documents from higher education institutes.

No two diplomas are the same

Before you start shopping for a fake diploma, make sure you know what you are being sold. We have spent years collecting diplomas from schools, Some of these diplomas date back 50 years ago. We've studied their layouts and used them to create layouts that accurate replica their unique elements. This collection of layouts is what makes our documents superior over many others. There are a number of sites out there that instead allow you to create a diploma by choosing a specific layout, specific seals, specific this and specific that. When we started this business, we decided to do away with that. Our approach is much more simplified. This is because, we believe a diploma expert should know about what you sell. So, when you purchase from us and request a specific type of diploma from a certain school, our production team uses those details to create your document. We know which paper color is best, where the seal belongs and what paper size is right. These are not cheap and inaccurate in-house designs that you might spot at a phony diploma site.

Custom diplomas

If you can't find a specific diploma that you want, please speak to a customer support agent about custom work. We may be able to local a document in need or replicate a document that you have on hand.

Remember that a fake diploma is a much needed item for some. Whether you want to impress somebody at a class reunion, boost your self esteem or show it off at work, the fact is it has to look and feel authentic. We understand this which is why we are proud to call ourselves a diploma company!