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    Career Potential for Psychologists in India

    Psychology involves study of human conduct and various mental procedures, therefore it is known as a rewarding career. A psychologist is responsible to study the emotions and the reactions of a person to understand his/her conduct under various circumstances. People suffering with behavioral problems often consult psychologists for a series of treatments, including counseling, therapy and medications. The psychologists diagnose specific disorders, by collecting important details from the patient through interview and various tests. The person is responsible to prepare individual plans for each patient and make some modifications according to the progress of patients. Requirements to Become Psychologist If you want to become licensed psychologist, then you have to pass more than 10 exams with psychology majors. The core curriculum of the course is designed to develop various important skills in the candidate. The course basically focuses on the psychoanalysis, stress management, personality growth and neuro-psychology. You can get a degree...


    Enjoy Exciting Career as Nutrition and Dietetics

    If you are looking for exciting career opportunities after passing 12th class, you can get enrollment in the nutrition and dietetic courses. A professional degree of Home Science and Hotel Management is available to provide you expert level knowledge in this field. Although, it is a new profession, but the field is quickly gaining importance, because wrong eating habits are becoming the reason of many diseases. The quality of food and water plays an important role, because the good food is important to maintain good health. The nutrition and dietetics are responsible to rectify the eating habits of the people to keep them healthy. People consult them to plan their meals according to the work routine, eating habits, sickness and various other relevant factors. Eligibility Criteria If you are looking to start a career in the dietetics and nutrition, then you have to study home science and food science courses at the...


    Career Scope in the Field of Interior Designing

    Rapid urbanization is affecting the suburban and commercial spaces, therefore people are looking for alternative ways to accommodate the living and working space. Usually, people prefer to hire professionals to increase the comfort, beauty and practicality of the living space. In the past, the work was done by the architectures, but now the interiors of the house are managed by the interior designers. In the current era, people become more conscious about the designs and the layout of the living space, therefore the requirements of professional interior designers are increasing day by day. To become a professional interior designer, you should learn all important skills and for this purpose, you can join different diploma courses. Basic Job Duties of a Designer In the recent years, there is an increasing demand for the interior designing courses. The people of India are becoming more conscious about the management and setting of their homes. The...

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